Mathematics Enrichment
Teams: 1 2 3 4 5
Team names: Eli,Meg,... A,B,C,...
MC Golf Show Scores Small
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Regular Limits
\(1-10\) \(1-50\)
\(1-100\) \(\widehat{\hspace{2px}50\hspace{2px}}-50\)
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random custom
RED team:
BLUE team:
Posters SG TG RG RG points
Strings 1 2 3 Teams 0 2 3
Names Eli,Meg,Gill A,B,C
shapes shapes/~
numbers divisors reals
Random game Analysis
Type: Piles 3-Point Rapid
Analysis Countdown
Pieces: Shapes Shapes/Not
Numbers Reals
Strings: 2 3
Teams: 2 3 4 5
Team names: Eli,Meg,... A,B,C,...
Auto Award Wins/Points
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